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32 Dreamy Bedroom Designs For Your Little Princess

Codreanu Andreea / October 11, 2014

A child’s bedroom is supposed to be a perfect dreamland sprinkled with fairy dust and hopes and dreams. As a parent our job is to keep our little ones happy and healthy and allow them to dream big and explore their creativity and imagination. As a little kid everyone of us dreamed of castles, princesses,Read more

Spicy Round Bed Collection for Your Bedroom Design

Codreanu Andreea / September 14, 2014

We have been accustomed with the phrase “Form follows function” but who says a function has just one form? Trends come and go and just s few stick with the general population whereas others remain in history as bold experiments designers try hardy to bring to the every day life. So today we are talkingRead more

White Bedroom Design Ideas Collection for Your Home

White bedroom design idea white and beige design
Codreanu Andreea / August 13, 2014

White is seldom associated with serenity, purity and calm. Therefore, a white bedroom design is usually the first choice, a smart choice because the bedroom should be associated with a restful color. Further more, white is an excellent background for other colorful accents that can add a note of happiness and drama to the entireRead more