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Watercolor Paint: 8 Best Watercolor Paints in 2023 [Students & Artist Grades]

Watercolor paints are essential to your work as a watercolor artist.

Best Watercolor Paints 

However, once you get down to actually buying them, you probably just go out and buy anything that’s cheap, especially as a beginner – this can be very detrimental to your growth as an artist.

Experienced artists know that choosing your paints with some degree of critical thought reaps large dividends later on.

So, to make life a little simpler for you, we have put together a review of fifteen of the best watercolor paints that are available on the market today. Also, if you are new to watercolors, here is our guide on how to paint with watercolor for beginners.

Some cater exclusively to the student/budding artist crowd, while others are aimed squarely at the aficionados and the masters of the craft. No matter where you slot in, we feature the best paints which will take you and your art forward! 

Best Watercolor Paint Sets

Best Watercolor Paints 

Here is the list of the 8 best watercolor paints that you can use to bring your artwork to life.

1. Royal Talens Van Gogh Watercolor Paint Set - Best for Beginners

Talens Opaque Watercolors, Metal Tin, Set of 12 Round Pans
  • 12 pans of opaque watercolors
  • Metal box conveniently doubles as palette

If you’re just trying out watercolor paints, this set of watercolor paints is best. There aren’t too many paints to confuse you – just a set of 12 basic shades that bear the name of the virtuoso Post-Impressionist artist. But, rest assured that these are all incredibly high-quality paints – much better than a few more expensive ones, too!


When it comes to watercolor paints, a few important factors you should consider include price, the number of colors, the volume of the tubes that you get, and the lightfastness. This paint delivers on all fronts except the number of colors – you get a generous serving of the 12 colors, which can be used to create some truly exquisite and subtle effects.

The paints that you get are fairly consistent in nature and will give you the same shade over and over. You get 10 mL of paint in these tubes. You also get a Nylon brush and a palette to mix your colors on with this particular set. People are often surprised about this being a “student grade” paint – such is the quality of the paint in this set. You definitely won’t go wrong with this!


  • Exceedingly good lightfastness
  • Basic shades, but they mix very well and you can end up creating wonderful effects
  • Good quantity of paint as well


  • Somewhat expensive compared to other student/entry-level paints

Dimensions: 9.24" x 3.99" x 0.74" | Weight: 4oz | Finish Type: Opaque | No. of Colors: 12

2. Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolors - Best for Flexibility

Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Paint Set, Sketchers'...
  • Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colours are a range of water...
  • Cotman Water Colours possess good transparency, excellent...

When people think of “student watercolors”, Winsor & Newton is the brand that is most likely to come to mind. Not just student paints – they’re an established name in the professional space, too. A number of factors are in play here – the high rating of lightfastness, the permanence of the paints, and the flexibility of getting these paints either as a tube or in pans.


There’s a lot of flexibility involved with this set of paints. First, you’re not restricted to buying a particular number of paints only – you can choose from among the 6, 10, 12, 14, or 24 best shades on offer. Further, you can buy both pans and tubes as per your requirement. These happen to be very affordable, too.

The texture that these paints deliver on the paper surface is great. The colors are also vibrant and punchy – far from the color you’d expect an “entry-level” set to have.

Then we come to lightfastness and permanence – both of which are rated as high as the ratings go. The lightfastness is rated at either I or II (excellent or very high) and the permanence is rated as AA or A (extremely permanent/permanent). If nothing else, this should have you convinced that these paints are the real deal on all fronts – not just one.


  • Incredible lightfastness and permanence ratings
  • Colors are vibrant and punchy, delivering good texture
  • Affordable and you can choose between a number of sets 


  • The fillers that they use are synthetic and not natural

Dimensions: 2.56" x 5.12" x 0.87" | Weight: 3.17oz | Finish Type: Transparent | No. of Colors: 12

3. Reeves 18-Pack Water Color Paint Set - Best for Affordability

Reeves Watercolor Paint Set - Highly Pigmented Colours for...
  • WATERCOLOUR PAINT - Unleash your creative genius with...
  • VIBRANT COLORS - 18 colors; Chinese White, Lemon Yellow,...

Coming from the same umbrella company as the set we’ve reviewed above, Reeves has been in the market since 1766. Like the one above, they’ve managed to put together a very convincing set of 18 paints with 10 mL volume each. However, here’s the USP: it is very affordable. It comfortably slots into the budget/entry-level paint category!


You get a whole lot of paint for the money – and these are good paints, too. Though they come out of the tubes in a somewhat watery manner, that’s because they’re water mixable. This effect disappears once you mix them with water. They are known to dry very quickly and have no weird, strong smell. The colors are very consistent as well.

This set makes a lot of sense for someone wanting to try watercolors out – the price of admission, usually high, becomes much more manageable this way. Do note, however, that at this price it’s impossible for Reeves to give you a paintbrush for mixing and a palette – so you’ll need to spend a little more here. Otherwise, this set delivers the best in both quality and quantity.


  • Comes with a number of paints, reduces the overhead of mixing paints over and over
  • Perfect for those wanting to try watercolors out
  • Consistent paints, good finish


  • No accessories bundled with this particular paint

Dimensions: 0.75" x 7.24" x 7.89" | Weight: 13.1oz | Finish Type: Pigmented | No. of Colors: 18

4. Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections: The Classics

There are some watercolor sets that you can’t go wrong with, even if you try. The artist-grade Classics collection of watercolor paints offered by Prima Marketing is definitely one of these. You get pans and not tubes in this set - which works out well because tubes can get messy sometimes and risk spilling. The transparency of the paint itself is astoundingly good for starter paints.


This set is again a steal at the bargain basement prices you get this set at. The lightfastness of the paints and the permanence are good enough for what you pay for, but the major kicker here is the color palette that comes with the set. You get 12 classical shades of blue, green, yellow, red, and a few other unique pre-mixed shades.

Another benefit of getting this set is that you don’t have to buy another set in order to replenish shades – Prima Marketing gives you an option of buying separate shades as well. This works out well in case there’s a particular shade you need – and is cheaper in the long run. A small disadvantage is that permanence and lightfastness information is all word of mouth.


  • Comes with a number of great shades
  • Includes a palette for mixing colors
  • Can buy shades separately, definitely economical compared to a lot of other offerings


  • No brush is included for mixing paints
  • No lightfastness rating

Dimensions: 5" x 3" x 1" | Weight: ‎4.9oz | Finish Type: Gloss, Satin | No. of Colors: 12

5. Sennelier La Petite Aquarelle Watercolor Paint Set

Sennelier, La Petite Aquarelle Watercolor Sets, 24-Color...
  • Features an elastic strap that keeps the box securely in the...
  • Extremely smooth color application

While a number of paint sets focus on your own presence of mind to navigate color mixing, this one removes that pressure from you and lets you paint in peace. Sennelier La Petite brings to the table a wonderful, honey-based watercolor set with 24 unique shades which come with a palette for mixing these paints. Their palette even has a hand strap to keep it secure!


This kit, like the ones reviewed above, is unlikely to disappoint all but the very choosy artists. The colors are rated incredibly highly for permanence and most colors have excellent lightfastness ratings – your watercolor paintings will definitely last very long when you use these paints.

These are all pan watercolors, so you don’t have to worry about eking out the last drop of paint from tubes. The colors on offer include a number of Sennelier’s own shades, which are truly unique and beautiful. You can also purchase some of their other color pans as individual items.

The mixing area which comes with this set is large enough to accommodate a number of paints. This is useful for when you’re working on more complex tasks and you want to mix up multiple colors for this purpose. All in all, this set of watercolors is one of the best you can get as beginners!


  • Comes with a mixer for creating a variety of colors
  • Permanence and lightfastness are guaranteed with this set
  • 24 shades, some are exclusive to Sennelier
  • Comes with a strap for the mixing palette


  • A palette and mixer are present, but where’s the mixing brush?

Dimensions: 9.25" x 4.75" x 1.4" | Weight: 6.3oz | Finish Type: Satin | No. of Colors: 24

6. Daniel Smith Introductory Watercolors

DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Set 5ml Tubes - Primatek...
  • DANIEL SMITH is the Innovative Manufacturer of Beautiful...
  • The DANIEL SMITH Watercolor PrimaTek Set is designed to...

Taking a radically new approach towards beginners, the Daniel Smith introductory watercolor paints rely on minimalism and your own presence of mind to create the artwork of your dreams. It comes with just three colors in two different variants, warm and cold – and the ball is now metaphorically in your court when it comes to mixing them up and creating custom shades.


This paint set takes minimalism to a whole new extent. You get just six paints to play around with, and it’s up to you to determine how to make the best of these warm/cold paints. However, fret not – for one, they have around 238 shades on offer in their catalog, which you can order separately. Secondly, there are try-it-out charts available for the entire range of colors.

We recommend this artist-grade set because, on your journey toward being an artist, it’s crucial to understand color mixing and dealing with a paucity of resources. It’s best if you learn this skill right at the start – so you won’t be handicapped later. These colors are brilliant and are priced very economically.

Further, there are some truly unique color gradients/mixes which no manufacturer offers right off the bat. Starting with just six paints will help you immensely later on!


  • Wonderful lightfastness, vibrancy, and permanence
  • Can purchase refills individually
  • Great learning experience on mixing, also highly recommended for experienced students


  • Gives you just the color tube and nothing by way of accessories

Dimensions: 3.38" x 3.75" x 0.63" | Weight: 1.76oz | Finish Type: Matte | No. of Colors: 6

7. Grumbacher Academy Watercolor Paint

Grumbacher Academy Watercolor Paint, 7.5ml/0.25 oz. Tube,...
  • Either straight from the tube or when mixed with white,...
  • Only finely ground pigments are used in making this smooth,...

Coming back to more generic student paint kits, this one comes with all the bells and whistles required for a student to get going with the process of watercolor painting. You get a stunning array of 12 colors, of which a few are standard and the rest are unique shades. These are also best for those who like pigment information – their website lists the exact pigments of the paints!


With this set, you really do get everything you need to get started – that includes paints, a mixing palette, and a good quality mixing brush too. The colors are rated very highly for both lightfastness and permanence – which is why despite it landing in the beginner category, it’s used by professional artists widely.

This paint impresses on a lot of fronts – not just the measurable aspects. You’re going to see brilliant shades in your work, whether you go as is or mix considerable amounts of white paint for lighter shades. This is the perfect bridging product for those wanting to go for more professional paints.


  • Comes with all things you need to get started
  • Great quality of paint
  • Useful for both professionals and students alike


  • Maybe a little bit pricey for some

Dimensions: ‎10" x 1" x 7.9" | Weight: ‎6.1oz | Finish Type: Matte | No. of Colors: 12

8. Daler Rowney Watercolor Paints

Daler Rowney Simply Watercolor Set - 24 Watercolor Paint...
  • Beginner Watercolor Tube Set - Each 12ml (.4oz) tube of...
  • Adaptable Paint - The water color paint featured in this set...

The Daler Rowney Aquafine set of watercolor paints is aimed exclusively at beginners. They are priced very inexpensively, come in around 48 shades and give good watercolor painting performance relative to their price. They are available in both half pans and watercolor tubes, so you can go for either, depending on your personal requirements.


This set comes in a number of varieties, perhaps the most we’ve seen in any beginner watercolor set we’ve reviewed. This includes the pocket set, which is best for artists who prefer plein air instead of their studio. You can go for just 5 paints in a set right to the largest set of 20 paints, which includes some of their most common as well as some unique shades.

Some of their sets come with a brush – great for beginners. Their metal box set is crafted to perfection and includes a mixing palette as well. When it comes to lightfastness and permanence, Daler Rowney’s set is good but not quite among the best – which is excusable given how little they cost compared to the competition.

Their transparency and lightfastness are also very compelling. All in all, this set is great for beginners, even though there are some obvious compromises here.


  • Good lightfastness and permanence for the price
  • A lot of variety in the sets you can pick, can order individual shades as well
  • Comes in a number of sizes from 5 mL to 29.5 mL


  • Some sets have better lightfastness

Dimensions: 10" x 1.2" x 8" | Weight: 18.72oz | Finish Type: Gloss | No. of Colors: 24

Best Watercolor Paint Set For Beginners Comparison Table

ProductDimensionsWeightFinish TypeNo. of Colors
Royal Talens Van Gogh Watercolors9.24" x 3.99" x 0.74"4ozOpaque12
Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolors2.56" x 5.12" x 0.87"3.17ozTransparent12
Reeves 18-Pack Watercolor Paint Set0.75" x 7.24" x 7.89"13.1ozPigmented18
Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections‎5" x 3" x 1"‎4.9ozGloss, Satin12
Sennelier La Petite Aquarelle Watercolors9.25" x 4.75" x 1.4"6.3ozSatin24
Daniel Smith Introductory Watercolors3.38" x 3.75" x 0.63"1.76ozMatte6
Grumbacher Academy Watercolors‎10" x 1" x 7.9"‎6.1ozMatte12
Daler Rowney Watercolor Paints10" x 1.2" x 8"18.72ozGloss24

Best Watercolor Paints for Professionals

Best Watercolor Paints for Professionals

Now that we’re done with the best starter paint kits, we move on to proper professional watercolors. Here, the permanence and lightfastness of professional watercolor paints are all but guaranteed – instead, the onus of the conversation will be centered around the look and feel of the paint, as well as other important factors.

The quality of colors and how well they mix, their opacity, and their granularity become much more important as you become more experienced at watercolor painting with watercolor paints.

1. Holbein Watercolor Set - Best for Vibrant Colors

Holbein Artist's Watercolors Set of 24 5ml Tubes W405
  • Holbein Artists' Watercolors - Assorted Colors, Set of 24, 5...
  • Set of 24 Colors

Holbein has been around in the watercolor paint market long enough to realize what professional artists need from their paints. Hence, this paint comes with literally everything you could want from your watercolors and then delivers a superb watercolor painting experience on top of it. Good things come in small packages, and so does this set of paints.


With 24 superb quality paints coming into the picture (pun unintended), you’re unlikely to go wrong with it. Holbein’s paint quality is fastidiously maintained, and this is visible right on their website. You can easily see in-depth details about each shade of paint that they sell, including the pigment information – which crucial for large-scale pieces which require multiple paint refills.

You can achieve a number of crisp, subtle transparency effects using these paints. Even the 5mL tube runs through a number of watercolor painting sessions because of the incredible paint quality Holbein gives you. You can easily get refills for the exact pigment and shade from a number of online retailers as well as in your local art supplies store.

All in all, Holbein delivers a wonderful experience with paints that are vibrant, don’t crack, and last a long time – and are also affordable (compared to a vast variety of paints on the market).


  • Comes with a number of paints, many of which are unique to Holbein
  • 5mL paint volume lasts long because of the variety and thickness of the paint
  • Texture of the paint is absolutely superb


  • Nothing at all

Dimensions: ‎4.2" x 0.8" x 10.2" | Weight: ‎11.3oz | Finish Type: ‎Matte | No. of Colors: 24

2. Schmincke Horadam Aquarell Half-Pan Paint Metal Set - Best for Color Detail

Schmincke - HORADAM® AQUARELL Color Box with 48 Finest...
  • 🎨 THE BRAND: Schmincke has been producing the best,...
  • 🎨 WATERCOLOR SET: The HORADAM watercolor color box from...

This set comes from the antique German company Schmincke Horadam – which has over 130 years of experience in creating some of the best artist supplies. The paint is without fault – but at the same time, it comes with an incredibly detailed color guide as well. Containing detailed descriptions of opacity, permanence, granulation, color indices, and much more, it is a stunning color guide.


Some paints wow you by not just the quality, but how much easier they make your career as an artist. This paint set does exactly that – not only does it deliver on each and every front as far as professional paints are concerned, but it also excels at describing all the paints that they have on sale. They have a total of 139 paints on offer – and many of them are truly unique.

Their production processes are such that these paints are created fastidiously over a time span of four months. The thing about German engineering is that while it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing,  there will never be compromises on quality.

The box this set of paints comes in has exactly the same situation – it is rounded instead of edged and will last much longer than your generic steel box. This set also comes with a half-pan paint option, which means you can either go in for watercolor tubes or pans as per your need. This is one of the very best watercolor paint sets money can buy – hence the cost.


  • Comes with a metal box which may very well last generations
  • The color guide is stupendously detailed
  • Paint quality and granularity are beyond reproach


  • Doesn’t look like it’s worth the outlay at first sight, does not come with a brush

Dimensions: 4.33" x 1.57" x 8.66" | Weight: 20.48oz | Finish Type: Opaque, Transparent | No. of Colors: 48

3. Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor Set - Best for Eco-Friendly Painting

Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor Paint Set,...
  • Includes 24 whole pans of artist's water colour
  • Cased in a lightweight metal box

While we already went through one set of colors by the brand, it’s the professional set that has put Winsor & Newton on the map when it comes to watercolors for watercolor painting. This set is best renowned all over the world for its permanence, the texture of the paint, and the usage of environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials to produce stunning paint shades.


This paintbox is very different from the Cotmans which are the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of the brand. This paint comes with a number of striking characteristics that set it apart from the crowd. First off, there are no toxic paints in this set – even those which were generally manufactured using heavy metals are made using the nearest nontoxic substitutes.

Then we come to the permanence ratings – which are second to none. An awe-inducing 98% of paints in their entire collection are rated either excellent or very good (A or AA) for permanence. For lightfastness, opacity, and texture, the story is pretty similar as well.

You get small watercolor tubes of paint in this set, but you can easily buy extras. You also get a mixing palette and a good quality brush – which is best for intermediate painters looking to go the professional way. All in all, this set is a wonderful addition to your repertoire.


  • Very affordable when compared to other such paints
  • 78% of their paints are derived from the same pigments
  • The colors have impressive saturation and compete with the very best on the market today


  • We’re nitpicking here, but we would like larger tubes in this set – 7.5 mL would be perfect

Dimensions: 4.72" x 7.87" x 0.51" | Weight: ‎11.3oz | Finish Type: Transparent | No. of Colors: 24

4. M. Graham Watercolor Paint Set

M. Graham & Co. 33-Set 1/2-Ounce Tube Watercolor Paint Basic...
  • Artist quality watercolor paint made with natural blackberry...
  • Watercolor made with honey absorbs moisture from the air...

If it’s the final word in fastidiousness and attention to detail that you’re seeking, you’re looking at the perfect product for you. This paint is also sourced and produced responsibly. Their pigment loading process proves that their manufacturing standards are second to none. Further, their paints are unique in that they’re made out of honey!


These products have an ASTM lightfastness rating of either I or II – you’ll never have to worry about the longevity of your work! Out of the 70 paints they have on offer, a 61 score is the highest category. Permanence is pretty much the same story. M. Graham provides detailed hue information so you can mix and match between a number of brands, should you need to.

As for the inclusion of honey in this watercolor paint set – this comes as a result of products that tend to dry out easily if left on their own for some time. M. Graham decided that this problem should not plague paints meant for professionals – and hence, these paints last for ages and ages without fail. There are no problems with the texture that you get either – you get your money’s worth.

They’re also committed to giving you 100% non-toxic, renewable energy-produced products – for an industry that has traditionally been associated with toxic waste, this comes as a breath of fresh air.


  • Excellent quality and texture of paints
  • Responsibly sourced and manufactured, ecologically safe
  • Will not dry, even if they’re left for a long time without use


  • 70 paints is too less, most manufacturers have around 120-130 paints on offer, a few shades have very little variety

Dimensions: 3.12" x 0.75" x 4.12" | Weight: 2.4oz | Finish Type: Pigmented | No. of Colors: 33

5. Sennelier L’Aquarelle French Watercolor Paint

Sennelier l39;Aquarelle French Artists39; Watercolor Metal...
  • A honey-based watercolor - giving incomparable brilliance...
  • L'Aquarelle Sennelier has been produced in the same way for...

This set is the professional variant of the La Petite student watercolor paint kit we reviewed earlier on. The basic formula stays the same – however, keeping in mind the professional nature of this kit, the pigment loads have been jacked up. It comes with honey and Kordofan Gum mixture in the paint – leading to improved control over transparency and a better texture.


This watercolor paint comes with the same benefits we established in the earlier review – Sennelier produces some of the best and most unique shades on the market today. The honey and gum mixture makes sure that you’ll be able to use these paints for much longer periods of time than most other varieties. Plus, the work won’t crack over time due to dryness.

In their solid repertoire of paints, nearly every watercolor paint has an excellent lightfastness rating. The opacity control is always in your hands with this set, and the texturing results in some beautiful work. The pigment concentration is also appreciable compared to a number of other watercolor paints.

The only problem is that this French brand is a tough find – only a few art stores keep stock of them, and it’s even harder to find particular shades because Sennelier is not a mass producer of the best watercolor paints. However, if you do find them, you’re unlikely to be disappointed.


  • Comes with excellent opacity, permanence and light-fastness properties
  • Honey and gum mixture gives unique personality to the paint
  • Watercolor paint stays rewettable for long periods of time


  • Some shades can rarely be found

Dimensions: 8.66" x 3.54" x 0.39" | Weight: 1.6oz | Finish Type: Metallic | No. of Colors: 5

6. Royal Talens Rembrandt Watercolor Set

Rembrandt Watercolor Paint Wood Box Traditional Set, 22 Pans...
  • Rembrandt watercolors are proudly crafted in Holland.
  • These brilliant colors are made from the purest pigments and...

This belongs to the same manufacturer whose Van Gogh set we reviewed a little while ago. While that set featured amazing units, when it comes to beginners, this set contains some of the very best paints, period. This set features a staggering 48 half-pan paints, which all have excellent lightfastness, transparency, and permanence.


This box of watercolors opens up in a three-way manner. One side contains the 48 half-pans, one has four different areas for mixing paints (it is very generously sized too), and there is one side that covers it all. Royal Talens include a red, sable paint brush for mixing, but we believe most professional readers already have a few sets they’re comfortable with.

When it comes to the colors, these paints are on a different plane altogether. The ratings for all parameters you can think of, as well as the texturing of the paint, are absolutely spot on. A few products we review are good enough to be called faultless – and this happens to be one of those very few paint sets. It’s a great set, but also mightily expensive.


  • Comes with a huge variety of paints in a travel-friendly format
  • The included brush is a nice touch
  • The ratings as well as the overall paint feel are very hard to match


  • While it may be one of the best, it is also incredibly expensive

Dimensions: 9.25" x 9.13" x 1.25" | Weight: 4.6oz | Finish Type: Transparent | No. of Colors: 22

Watercolor Paint Set For Professionals Comparison Table

ProductDimensionsWeightFinish TypeNo. of Colors
Holbein Watercolor Set4.2" x 0.8" x 10.2"11.3ozMatte24
Schmincke Horadam Aquarell Watercolor Set4.33" x 1.57" x 8.66"20.48ozOpaque, Transparent48
Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor Set4.72" x 7.87" x 0.51"‎11.3ozTransparent24
M. Graham Watercolor Paint Set3.12" x 0.75" x 4.12"2.4ozPigmented33
Sennelier L’Aquarelle French Watercolor Paint Set8.66" x 3.54" x 0.39"1.6ozMetallic5
Royal Talens Rembrandt Watercolor Set9.25" x 9.13" x 1.25"4.6ozTransparent22

Watercolor Paint Sets FAQs

  • Can I mix watercolors from different brands?

    Yes, you can generally mix watercolors from different brands, as long as they are of the same type, either tube paints or pan paints.

  • Are there different qualities of watercolor paint sets?

    Yes, watercolor paint sets are available in student grade or artist grade quality, with artist grade offering better color performance and lightfastness.

  • What's the difference between watercolor and gouache paint?

    While both are water-based, watercolor paints have a translucent quality and gouache is more opaque. Watercolor paint sets typically feature watercolor paints only.

  • Can I use watercolor paint on any type of paper?

    It’s recommended to use watercolor-specific paper, which is thicker and more absorbent than regular paper, to avoid buckling or ink saturation.

  • How do I take care of my watercolor brushes?

    Clean brushes with water after each use, reshape the bristles, and store brushes with the bristles facing up to prolong their lives.

  • Best Watercolor Paints for Professionals


    It's no secret that watercolor painting can be an incredibly satisfying hobby, and having the right paint set can significantly impact your artistic journey. After extensive research and analysis of various watercolor paints, we can confidently recommend some top options that cater to different needs and preferences.

    From the above 8 best watercolor paints, here are the top three expert recommendations:

    The Royal Talens Van Gogh Watercolor Paint Set is an ideal option for beginners as it offers 12 basic shades and excellent lightfastness.

    The Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolors, on the other hand, are a good option for those seeking flexibility, as it gives you the choice between several paint sets and both tube or pan formats.

    Lastly, the Reeves 18-Pack Water Color Paint Set is the right choice for those on a budget, offering a generous amount of paint in 18 unique shades without breaking the bank.

    This wraps up our discussion about the 8 best watercolor paints on sale today. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out with painting with watercolors, or you’re someone with years of experience behind you - these paints are unlikely to disappoint. Filtered from among a vast number of paints on offer, you won’t go wrong with them.

    Pair them up with great watercolor paper, and your artwork will definitely shine. All the best with your artwork, and have fun painting!

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