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8 Best Epoxies for Plastic Today [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

Whether your favorite sipper or accent chairs, bonding plastic is definitely a challenge. 

Best Epoxies for Plastic

Therefore, it’s best to have an epoxy specifically formulated for repairing or bonding plastic surfaces at home. Not only that, but epoxies are DIYers, crafters, and enthusiast’s favorites. 

Epoxies with strong adhesive properties result in durable and permanent bonds. But, with tons of options available on the market, picking the perfect one for your chores is quite a task. Well, it might appear to be a daunting task at first. 

But, don’t panic! We’ve curated this guide just for you. 

It was only after extensive research and testing that we were able to handpick the 8 best epoxies for plastic that you can consider for all your DIY tasks and crafts. Be it high-end or budget buys, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we’ve also added a buyer’s guide to let you know what to look out for. 

So, let’s get started!

Best Epoxies for Plastic Today

Here's the list of the 8 best epoxies for plastic, perfect for repairing or bonding plastic surfaces, whether you're a DIYer, crafter, or enthusiast.

1. Gorilla ‎7805001 Super Glue - Best for Quick Fixes

When looking for glues for DIY projects or quick fixes, you can never go wrong with Gorilla Super Glue. Its high adhesive strength coupled with quick setting time makes it perfect for all your crafts and projects. Moreover, it is highly versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces. 

What we absolutely love about the Gorilla Super Glue is its quick drying time. With a setting time of about 10 - 45 seconds, this glue is one of the fastest-drying glues on the market. As such, this glue is perfect for bonding plastic models. 

Furthermore, this superglue is highly versatile and is compatible with a variety of surfaces. Whether you want to bond plastic or ceramic, this glue will bond anything excellently. 

What’s highly striking about this glue is its anti-clog cap. Gorilla has done a commendable job by adding a metal pin to the cap. This will ensure an air-tight seal by keeping the air out of the adhesive. Rest assured, you can use the glue till its last drop. 

Moving on, this glue is impact-resistant. Thus, it can withstand heavy wear and tear better than other glues. Lastly, it is super easy to apply. Simply squeeze a small amount, press the surface lightly, and you’re done. 

In terms of versatility and functionality, Gorilla Super Glue is one of the best options on the market. However, we recommend you use a pair of gloves while working with this glue to avoid it getting on your fingers. 

Cure Time: 24 hours | Dimensions: ‎7.5 x 4.13 x 12 inches | Weight: 1.34 oz | Waterproof: No | Versatile: Yes | Anti-Clog Cap: Yes

2. Loctite Epoxy - Best for Tough Plastics

If you’re looking for epoxies to bond tough plastics, then this premium product by Loctite is the one for you. With its waterproof formula, you can rest assured that the surfaces will withstand heavy downpours. All in all, this non-shrinking, water-resistant, and high-strength epoxy has got your back in all of your bonding tasks. 

More than anything, the Loctite Epoxy impressed us with its high-strength formula. You can use this to create tough and rigid bonds that will last for years. As such, it works particularly well for bonding rigid plastics. 

Not only plastics, but you can bond anything you want. From metal, wood, and ceramics to glass, you can use this to epoxy to bond anything you want, thanks to its versatile application. Also, this epoxy works as a filler too. 

Furthermore, its water-resistant properties make it ideal for outdoor surfaces such as fences, trims, and gates. Rest assured, the elements won’t damage the bonds. Want to fill challenging gaps? Loctite Epoxy will perfectly fill them, thanks to its precision applicator. 

Moreover, this two-part epoxy adhesive is paintable and sandable. You can stain them with sand, cement, or even earth pigments. Plus, it doesn’t shrink, which we absolutely love about this epoxy. Lastly, we love the detailed instruction that comes along with this epoxy. 

Although there isn’t much to complain about this versatile epoxy, we recommend you work with this epoxy carefully. This is because it sets pretty quickly, almost within 5 minutes. Therefore, after mixing the two-part epoxy, make sure you apply it quickly to the surface.

Cure Time: 24 hours | Dimensions: ‎1.13 x 4.25 x 9.13 inches | Weight: 1.6 oz | Waterproof: Yes | Versatile: Yes | Anti-Clog Cap: No

3. J-B Weld 8237 Plastic Repair Epoxy Putty - Best for DIY Repairs

This J-B Weld epoxy putty is highly popular among DIYers and homeowners because it allows you to repair and bond plastics all by yourself. The highlight of this product is that it has a working time of about 20 - 25 minutes. Moreover, this hand-mixable putty offers easy application and is usable on a variety of surfaces. 

The extended working time is a thoughtful touch by the J-B Weld company. As such, you get 20 - 25 minutes to work with the epoxy putty before it gets too hard. So, whether you’re a novice or a professional, this epoxy putty might be perfect for you. 

Furthermore, this epoxy putty is easy to use. Simply cut, knead, and apply the epoxy to the surface that you want to bond. Moreover, this epoxy leaves no stone unturned when it comes to versatility. Whether you want to fix your ceramic mug or repair auto bumpers and trims, this epoxy is perfect because it goes along well with almost everything. 

What’s more, the epoxy cures within 3 hours, making it an excellent choice for instant repairs. Additionally, neither will this epoxy shrink nor pull away, thanks to its durable bonds. Also, this epoxy is NSF-certified, which means it is safe for drinking water. Thus, you can fix the cracks in your water tanks too. 

Although J-B Weld epoxy has gained popularity because of its NSF certification, this epoxy is pretty messy to work with. Therefore, we recommend you wear a pair of gloves while working with this epoxy putty. 

Also, this epoxy putty isn’t waterproof. Thus, it might not be an ideal solution for outdoor repairs. 

Cure Time: 3 hours | Dimensions: ‎7.5 x 3.8 x 1.19 inches | Weight: 2.4 oz | Waterproof: Yes | Versatile: Yes | Anti-Clog Cap: No

4. Gorilla 7501201 Super Glue

Next up, we have another glue from Gorilla, perfect for all DIYers, carpenters, and enthusiasts alike. The highlight of this product is that it dries within 10 - 30 seconds. Featuring a brush and nozzle, this CA glue is an easy-to-use glue. 

If you’re a novice or an amateur, looking for an easy-to-use glue, then this super glue by Gorilla is your best bet. What we absolutely love about this glue is its design. Featuring a fine bristle brush and a precision tip nozzle, this glue allows you to work with utmost accuracy without making DIY crafts a messy affair. 

Furthermore, this super glue has a fast-drying formula. Just like our previous pick from Gorilla, this glue dries within 10 - 30 seconds. As such, this is an excellent option for all your instant repairs. 

Moreover, we love the sheer versatility of this super glue. Be it plastic, stone, metal, ceramics, fabrics, rubber, or paper, this glue works to bond almost anything and everything. Plus, the bonds are highly durable, thanks to their impact resistance. 

What’s more, this glue features an anti-clog nozzle that prevents the air from creeping into the bottle, thereby saving the glue from drying up. Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed.  

Although this product is excellent for all DIY crafts and instant bonding needs, there’s a tiny flaw that you may want to know. 

Many users have complained about the thick consistency of the glue, which makes it slightly challenging to work with it. Thus, we recommend you wipe the brush to remove the excess glue on the inner rim of the glue before you apply it to the surface.

Cure Time: 24 hours | Dimensions: ‎0.91 x 3.38 x 6.63 inches | Weight: 0.63 oz | Waterproof: No | Versatile: Yes | Anti-Clog Cap: Yes

5. PC Products PC-Clear Epoxy

Here’s another epoxy that you can use to bond any surface you can ever think of. Its resistance is matchless as it can withstand all kinds of chemicals. Moreover, this clear liquid epoxy is highly durable. Plus, it is sandable and paintable. 

This premium clear liquid epoxy is perfect for all those on a budget. This epoxy forms incredibly strong and tough bonds that will last for years. Furthermore, this epoxy is compatible with almost everything. 

Whether you have to bond the broken ceramic dinner set or the metal gates, this liquid epoxy will let you bond anything. This epoxy dries clear, which means it doesn’t turn yellow after curing. 

Also, this epoxy can withstand chemicals. From caustics, and fuel oil to saltwater and mild acids, this epoxy can withstand anything and everything. Rest assured, the surface that you bond will not fall apart even when exposed to harsh chemicals. 

What’s more interesting is that this glue performs exceptionally well in hot environments. Therefore, you may use it outdoors without the fear of sunlight tampering with the curing process. 

As for its application, this epoxy is pretty easy to apply. Squeeze, spread, and you’re done! Plus, this epoxy is sandable, paintable, and machinable.  

Despite ticking all the boxes of affordability and versatility, we wouldn’t recommend this epoxy to novices. This is because it has a working time of 4 minutes which is pretty less. With such little working time, beginners are sure to make mistakes. 

Unlike other epoxies, it takes longer to cure. Therefore, it might not be suitable for quick-fix tasks. 

Cure Time: 24 hours | Dimensions: ‎8.25 x 3.75 x 1 inches | Weight: 1.6 oz | Waterproof: Yes | Versatile: Yes | Anti-Clog Cap: No

6. J-B Weld 8272 MarineWeld Marine Epoxy

Known for its durability and versatility, this MarineWeld Marine Epoxy by J-B Weld is perfect for all your DIY marine repairs. With its tensile strength of 5020 psi, and its ability to withstand temperatures, you can rest assured of its strong bonds. Moreover, it takes up to 24 hours to fully cure.

If you still haven’t found durable epoxy for DIY home repairs, your search ends here. This two-part epoxy is highly versatile as it is compatible with a wide variety of surfaces. Whether you have to repair your watercraft, automotive parts, or bond DIY models, this epoxy will be perfect for everything.  

Furthermore, it takes up to 6 hours to set, which means you have ample time to work with it. With a curing time of 16 - 24 hours, you can have all your surfaces repaired in a day or even less. Moreover, it can withstand up to 550 degrees of temperature. Therefore, you can use this on all outdoor surfaces. 

Moving on, it is sandable, moldable, and even machinable. Thus, you may stain it, drill it or do anything you want. Also, it is resistant to chemicals, petroleum, and even acids, which means the bonds formed by this epoxy are highly durable.  

Although this epoxy has become quite popular among professionals because of its durability and versatility, there is a minor flaw that we came across while testing. 

This outstanding epoxy comes with a strong odor. Therefore, you should work either in the garage or the yards. Also, wear a mask if you’re sensitive to strong smells. Apart from that, it performs incredibly well.

Cure Time: 24 hours | Dimensions: ‎8 x 5 x 1.5 inches | Weight: 2.5 oz | Waterproof: Yes | Versatile: Yes | Anti-Clog Cap: No

7. Gorilla ‎4200101 Epoxy

Here’s another premium two-part epoxy from Gorilla for bonding anything that you want. The highlight of this product is its incredibly tough and strong formula which makes it perfect for all your DIY repairs. Plus, it sets within 5 minutes and dries to a crystal-clear finish. 

For over two decades, Gorilla has been manufacturing premium-quality products for DIYers, crafters, enthusiasts, and professionals alike. And this two-part epoxy by Gorilla is no exception. With its versatile gap-filling formula, this epoxy can bond to anything you want. Be it steel, wood, aluminum, ceramics, wood, or anything, it forms strong and durable bonds.

Furthermore, we love the design of this epoxy. With separate barrels of resin and hardener, the syringe allows you to dispense the formula evenly. Moreover, this epoxy formula is easy to use. Simply dispense it in a bowl, mix it properly with an ice cream stick, and apply it to the surface you want to bond. 

Also, the packaging includes a cap to ensure safe storage for further use. Moving on, the epoxy dries to a crystal-clear finish. Therefore, it is safe to use on stained surfaces. Moreover, it is solvent and water-resistant, which makes it ideal for outdoor applications. Lastly, this epoxy dries rock solid.  

Despite being a good quality epoxy, we wouldn’t recommend this to novices. This is because customers have complained that the two-part epoxy doesn’t work well if air sets in. One is dispensed more than the other, which results in inefficient performance. 

Also, the instructions are pretty unclear. Therefore, some users might have a hard time working with this epoxy. 

Cure Time: 24 hours | Dimensions: ‎1.13 x 3.38 x 8.69 inches | Weight: 0.85 oz | Waterproof: Yes | Versatile: Yes | Anti-Clog Cap: No

8. Pratley Powda Bond Adhesive

Now, here’s an adhesive that will bond all kinds of plastics, including polystyrene, ABS, and even PVC. This adhesive by Pratley can be used both as a two-part kit and a single adhesive. Plus, it dries super quickly. Therefore, it is perfect for all your instant repairs and DIY projects.

To be honest, what caught our attention was its strong adhesive properties. From rigid plastics, ABS, PVC, or polystyrene, Pratley’s adhesive works excellently to bond plastics. Not only plastics, but it gets along well with quite a variety of materials. 

Whether you want to fix automotive parts, electric switches, or desk lamps, it will fix almost everything you want. Furthermore, this adhesive comes with a complete kit. This kit is a complete solution for all your bonding needs with 1 adhesive, 1 black filling powder, and 1 white filling powder. 

Moving on, the adhesive sets and hardens pretty quickly, which is pretty impressive. Also, once cured, you can sand, paint, or stain it. Moreover, after curing, the adhesive becomes water-resistant. Therefore, it is safe for exterior use. 

The adhesive is pretty easy to use. Simply mix the glue with powder and apply it to the surface that needs to be bonded. Within a few minutes, the glue will begin to harden, and you’re done. 

Although this repair kit is absolutely amazing, we wouldn’t recommend this for important projects. That’s because its thin consistency makes it slightly challenging to handle the glue from dripping and running over the surface. 

Also, because of its strong adhesive properties, we recommend you wear gloves to avoid bonding your skin. 

Cure Time: N/A | Dimensions: ‎6.8 x 2.3 x 1.25 inches | Weight: 3.21 oz | Waterproof: Yes | Versatile: No | Anti-Clog Cap: No

Best Epoxies for Plastic Comparison Table

ProductCure TimeDimensionsWeightWaterproofVersatileAnti-Clog Cap
Gorilla ‎7805001 Super Glue24 hours7.5 x 4.13 x 12 inches1.34 ozNoYesYes
Loctite Epoxy24 hours1.13 x 4.25 x 9.13 inches1.6 ozYesYesNo
J-B Weld 8237 Plastic Repair Epoxy Putty3 hours7.5 x 3.8 x 1.19 inches2.4 ozYesYesNo
Gorilla 7501201 Super Glue24 hours0.91 x 3.38 x 6.63 inches0.63 ozNoYesYes
PC Products PC-Clear Epoxy24 hours8.25 x 3.75 x 1 inches1.6 ozYesYesNo
J-B Weld 8272 MarineWeld Marine Epoxy24 hours‎8 x 5 x 1.5 inches2.5 ozYesYesNo
Gorilla ‎4200101 Epoxy24 hours1.13 x 3.38 x 8.69 inches0.85 ozYesYesNo
Pratley Powda Bond AdhesiveN/A6.8 x 2.3 x 1.25 inches3.21 ozYesNoNo

Buying Guide for the Best Epoxy for Plastic

Now that you know about the 10 best epoxies for plastic, were you able to pick the correct one? While knowing the best options available on the market helps a lot, choosing the perfect one is still a daunting task. 

This is because there are various other factors that you must consider before you decide to buy one. So, to make this easy-peasy for you, we’ve discussed all the important factors in this section. Keeping these factors in mind will help you choose the correct one for your task.

Tensile Strength

While looking for epoxy, make sure to take a look at its tensile strength. Ideally, you must go only for those products that have a higher tensile strength. That’s because high tensile strength will ensure tough bonds that will last long. 

Therefore, we suggest you choose only those epoxies that have their tensile strength mentioned on the package to be on the safe side. For those who don’t know, pounds per square inch (psi) is used to measure tensile strength.


While buying epoxy, make sure to check whether they are resistant to elements or not. High tensile strength doesn’t mean the epoxy will form durable bonds. Therefore, you must go for only those epoxies that can withstand elements. Those that can withstand elements will be highly durable. 


While thousands of brands offer epoxy for plastic, we recommend you go only for branded ones. Local brands compromise on quality while branded ones offer you premium-quality products. Rest assured, you’ll not be disappointed.

Drying Time

Not all glues come with the same drying time. Some dry within hours, while some take more than 24 hours to dry. Therefore, make sure you check the drying time of the epoxy. We are living in times where we are always on the go. Thus, it’s wise to invest in a fast drying epoxy rather than having to wait a day or two for your piece to dry completely. 

Can epoxy be used on all types of plastic?

Not all epoxies are suitable for every type of plastic. Different epoxies are formulated for specific types of plastics, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, or PVC. It is crucial to choose an epoxy that is compatible with the type of plastic you are working with to ensure proper adhesion and a strong bond. Check the product label or manufacturer’s instructions to verify compatibility.

Can epoxy for plastic be used for outdoor applications?

Some epoxies for plastic are designed to be resistant to outdoor elements, such as UV radiation and moisture. These specialized epoxies can be suitable for outdoor applications. However, it is important to check the product specifications and ensure that the epoxy is specifically labeled for outdoor use.

Can epoxy for plastic be painted over?

In many cases, epoxy for plastic can be painted over once it has fully cured. However, it is recommended to check the product instructions or consult with the manufacturer to ensure compatibility with the paint you intend to use. Proper surface preparation and choosing a compatible paint will help achieve the desired results.

How long does the bond created by epoxy for plastic typically last?

The longevity of the bond depends on various factors, such as the type of plastic, surface preparation, application technique, and environmental conditions. When used correctly, epoxy for plastic can create durable bonds that last for an extended period. However, it is important to note that the lifespan of the bond may vary and is influenced by specific circumstances and usage patterns.


Epoxy adhesives are perfect for bonding plastics. Whether you have to bond plastic models or repair lawn chairs, epoxy adhesives are excellent options for your bonding needs. However, you must be pretty careful while working with epoxy adhesives because they are unforgiving. Thus, make sure you don’t commit any blunders while working with it. 

With that, we come to the end of our review-based guide. Hopefully, you were able to pick the correct one for your needs. But, before we bring down the curtains, let us tell you our favorites from the list. From the above 8 Best Epoxy for Plastic Today, the top three expert recommendations are as follows.

Gorilla ‎7805001 Super Glue is an ideal option due to its quick drying time, versatile application, and anti-clog cap. Loctite Epoxy is a good option with its high-strength formula, versatility, and water-resistant properties. J-B Weld 8237 Plastic Repair Epoxy Putty is the right choice, offering an extended working time, easy application, and durable bonds.

These products provide excellent solutions for bonding and repairing plastic surfaces, catering to different needs and preferences.

Until then, take care!

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