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Exceptional Glassblowing Sculptural Art by Shayna Leib

Anton Giuroiu / December 2, 2014

An American glassblowing artist entitled Shayna Leib is making furors these days with some pieces of magical art that can and will blow your mind with ease. Dynamic yet dense and powerful the pieces are. Filled with color and power whilst exuding elegance and nobility this glassblowing sculptural art is. Shayna Leib works with a vast rangeRead more

40 Ways To Decorate Your Home With Paper Crafts

40 Ways To Decorate Your Home With Paper Crafts
Codreanu Andreea / October 29, 2014

We at Homesthetics have fallen recently in love with paper arts and crafts due to their potential aesthetic value and easy to do process that do not require a significant investment and skill. The art of paper folding, cutting, gluing and matching colors and patterns is on that can easily be learned and applied byRead more

Notre Dame Cathedral -180-Degrees-Open Pop-Up DIY Kirigami Architecture

Codreanu Andreea / October 25, 2014

The Japanese art of origami is an intricate, complex process requiring a 3D vision and a certain technique. The DIY Kirigami Architecture is a branch of the origami art reproducing in sheets of paper cut and glued architectural pieces and ensembles that usually are made as a pop-up card. The following Notre Dame Cathedral DIY Kirigami ArchitectureRead more

Colorful Exorbitant Level of Detail in Iran’s Mosques Captured By Mohammad Domiri

Anton Giuroiu / September 28, 2014

The photographies showcased below are impossible to be described in words, colorful exorbitant level of detail, intense, dense colorful textures, impeccable geometric patterns overlapping into the bigger picture in a spectacular manner, perspective axes and shapes envisioned perfectly into symmetry. This is the spectacular work that has been immortalized by an architectural photographer entitled MohammadRead more

Experimental Art-Huk Huk-Bowl and Small Space by South Korean Digital Artist Kyu-In Shim

Huk Huk-Bowl and Small Space by South Korean Digital Artist Kyu-In Shim
Anton Giuroiu / September 12, 2014

Today we have been shattered into pieces by the outstanding work of a South Korean Artist entitled   Kyu-In Shim . We have discovered the project on Empty Kingdom and simply froze for two minutes, watching the pieces. The artist conceptualized mannequin characters in an unspeakable manner, in forms and compositions full of meaning and substance. Every pieceRead more