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Sudarshan is founder of Writer Shark, he started working on Homesthetics as an author in 2017 and never looked back since; Sudarshan cemented the backbone of our team and progressed from a freelance writer to lead editor in rather short amount of time thanks to extraordinary organization skills and his supernatural powers with them words.
  • Sudarshan has been writing for Homesthetics for 5 years now
  • Co-Founder of Writer Shark and Branding Engaged
  • 11 years of copy/content writing experience
Sudarshan's career has started way back in 2011 as a freelancer, writing copy and content for various websites before settling into the home improvement niche with DesignRulz and Homesthetics. Since 2017 he's been writing for the platform and poured his heart into every article, testing products and comparing them with utmost care and sense of responsibility. Sudarshan is one of the certified experts in the niche, his work shaped the Homesthetics we know today.When he is not doing magic with words, Sudarshan is an avid traveler and video editor, running a YouTube Channel where he showcases his adventures and editing skills.
Sudarshan is a ICFAI Business School (IBS) graduate and holds an English Bachelor's Degree from Loreto College
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Sudarshan Kar

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