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43 Inspiring DIYs for Tweens and Teens to Pursue

Anton Giuroiu / July 18, 2017

Simple, swift and extraordinary creative DIYs for tweens and teens follow, we have curated images for a gallery that speaks about the little things, about small actions that can impart wisdom in the creative process of creating, small little crafts that can gather smiles, joy, laughter through simple means. In the followings rows one willRead more

43 Ingeniously Creative DIY End Table For Your Home

Bogdan Profir / May 4, 2017

A house is not a home unless it has something different. Memories are the ones that make the biggest difference but having a few items made by ourselves and perhaps the loved ones can truly make a place special. Sofas, wardrobes or even dining tables require more work and knowledge but an end table can beRead more

39 Swift and Insanely Fun DIY Tent for Kids

Anton Giuroiu / April 27, 2017

Fulfilling fantasies in childhood, living them and constructing them with ordinary items is probably one of the most extraordinary accomplishments of a child, they get to construct the extraordinary, the surreal; blanket and pillows will form castles and fortresses to rightfully protect luxuriant tea parties with dolls, unicorns and imaginary friends. A tent for a childRead more

111 Cool and Spooky Pumpkin Carving Ideas to Sculpt

Anton Giuroiu / April 20, 2017

Pumpkin carving ideas are all around yet in this article we have selected a dozen a tad different, the collection is versatile, vast and beautiful, it is filtered socially and therefore in theory, it is representative as a collection for what we find easy to do, beautiful enough to create, pursue and sculpt.

15 Super Fun DIY Cat Tent Ideas to Pursue

Anton Giuroiu / April 15, 2017

Furry friends around us are no stranger to spoils, from special food to extraordinary toys we do our best to make them happy, to reward them for being always positive, always playful, ready to liven up the atmosphere. The following article builds on this extraordinary relationship between us and the furry ones, below you will findRead more

39 Spectacular Tree Logs Ideas for Cozy Households

Anton Giuroiu / March 17, 2017

Nature support us, nature nurtures us offering us its everything, its all, we stumble across its greatness everyday even in the urban environment, in potted plants and parks and equally in everything else that surrounds us from clothes and textiles up to furnishings, jewelry or food. We ought to cherish everything, we ought to beRead more

23 Joyful DIY Lemonade Stands to Build Happily

Anton Giuroiu / February 9, 2017

An all time favorite summer drink is the lemonade. Lemonade stands are known to be extraordinary educative entrepreneurial lesson for children, a lesson that delights entire neighborhoods, one that greatly encourages communication and interaction between generations, a very important component in the the child`s development. A fruitful lesson can start early on in the projectRead more