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What Is Mod Podge – Recipe and Ideas

Codreanu Andreea / August 18, 2016

The DIY community has been for a long time now filled with tons of crafts and ideas revolving a product named mod podge but what is mod podge? It represents a water based sealer glue finish that can be used on all surfaces can be used for either quick textured and even built up finishes.Its versatilityRead more

How To Get Creative With DIY Door Mats

Codreanu Andreea / August 16, 2016

The door mat is considered to be a necessary item around the house, one that serves a functional purpose of keeping your shoes and your floors clean. Nonetheless, one cannot deny its role of signal, welcoming yourself everyday as well as your guests, creating the important first impression.You usually find classical brown yellow door matsRead more

20 Epic Accent Walls For a Splendid Home Decor

Anton Giuroiu / August 15, 2016

A simple beautiful way to change the ambiance of the room is by creating an accent wall, one that would become a focal point in its spatiality, an accent with the potential to change everything. A simple mundane room can become extraordinary through simple, inexpensive means and a fresh portion of inspirations follows to serveRead more

Simple Cute Paper Crafts You Could Try

Codreanu Andreea / August 9, 2016

Paper is a versatile material that can be bent, folded, cut, glued, stitched in so many forms, able to take on any shape you can think of. The art of origami is here to prove this without any doubt. The delicacy of paper crafts cannot be denied, its fragility is one of the most importantRead more

20 Ingeniously Creative Cardboard Projects to Realize at Home

Codreanu Andreea / August 7, 2016

Cardboard is usually used to store unwanted, unneeded items into forgotten corners yet the material itself has so many possibilities. Luckily, DIY enthusiasts are filled with creativity and ingenuity, constantly coming up with more and more fun, creative and useful crafts and projects you could and should take on as a challenge. You can cut,Read more

14 Interestingly Colorful Summer Door Wreaths Ideas

Codreanu Andreea / August 5, 2016

Summer is upon us and color, sun and fun days lay ahead of us. Keeping up with your home’s decoration can be challenging but wonderful at the same time, especially when the process itself can become an entire family event. Whether you are preparing for a fantastic joyful summer night party or a special eventRead more

DIY Wood Wall Decor That Will Cozy Up Your Home In An Instant

Codreanu Andreea / August 4, 2016

It is known that wood is usually associated with warmth, coziness, versatility thanks to its beautiful, unique texture for each piece, versatile role it can play in our lives and homes.It is the go to material for furniture building, elegant flooring and delicate crafty decorations. It can be shaped and molded to take any formRead more

Learn How to Draw a Seahorse – Cartoon Scene Step by Step Tutorial

Anton Giuroiu / August 1, 2016

Seahorses are something unbelievable; part of the water environment the delicate creatures are unique for multiple reasons but their unique body shape makes them easy recognizable, today their presence in cartoons dedicated to the sea world being mandatory as it beautifully highlights the immense marine diversity of the seas and oceans. A cartoon drawing tutorial portraying theRead more

17 Expensive Looking DIY Home Decor Crafts

Codreanu Andreea / July 28, 2016

When DIY crafts come to mind, professionalism is not usually associated, human error is in question. But that should not be the issue. One can create incredible items out of mundane plain objects using simple basic techniques and materials one could scramble from around the house. We have selected 17 Expensive Looking DIY Home Decor Crafts,Read more

27 DIY Rustic Decor Ideas For A Cozy Home

Anton Giuroiu / July 26, 2016

Wood, rope, string, all come to merge into perfect rustic decor ideas designed to create a shelter for you or to add warmth and coziness to the abode you already have. Adding life to a house is something that happens in time, leaving your mark on the interior decor, adding personal touches, hand-made art piecesRead more