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Anton founded Homesthetics, an architecture, art, and design online magazine on the random date of 20th of October 2012 in an attempt to save inspiring architecture and art products in one place.Since 2017 he also joined Architecture Lab and while he is not busy online he works as a full-time idealist architect at sculpta.ba in Bucharest.
As a sheer idealist architect, Anton created Homesthetics to collect cool ideas, DIY projects, inspiring architecture, and clever designs, post by post the website grew into an authority in the niche, shaping years of marketing experience for the architect. Since 2017 Anton joined Architecture Lab and thanks to his previous marketing experience Architecture Lab has grown.Anton previously wrote for websites like MyMove | Freshome, DesignRulz, E-architect, and ArchitectureArtDesigns. Today while he is not online writing for Homesthetics, he practices architecture in a small office in Bucharest.
Anton received UAUIM’s Master of Architecture in 2017 with a major in Restauration.
TITLE | CEO and Founder of Homesthetics
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About Homesthetics
Homesthetics is an MKR.S Media brand, a website that promotes practical, down-to-earth designs and aesthetics with sustainable values in all shapes and sizes. Learn more about us and our editorial practices and please contact us if you would like to see something reviewed on Homesthetics, our team of certified experts will answer your query with utmost care as soon as possible.
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Anton Giuroiu

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