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19 Smart Kitchen Storage Ideas That Will Impress You

Elli Winter / November 14, 2017

Every home owner’s goal is to keep their kitchen clean and organized. If you have set this goal yourselves, then I’m here to give you some tips so you can achieve a clutter free home easily. There are lots of tricks that can make your kitchen well organized with smart and well-thought out maximized storage.Read more

Emphasize Small Spaces With Kitchen Wall Storage Ideas

Codreanu Andreea / August 24, 2016

Dealing with a small space is something rather common these days and requires creative organizational skills for proper usage of the space for storing and usage. The kitchen represents the most crowded ensemble of our homes, filled with so many utensils, gadgets, pots, pans and so on. There aren’t too many drawers and cabinets toRead more

How To Add Extra Storage Space To Your Small Kitchen

Codreanu Andreea / January 14, 2015

Storage is a big issue and a small kitchen represents a problem. Even if initially your kitchen seems large enough for you, in the end you will try very hard to push all your utensils and appliances in every little corner you might find available. But don not despair! There are always solutions to helpRead more

Clever DIY Storage Solution For Your Kitchen and Workshop

Clever DIY Storage Solution For Your Kitchen and Workshop homesthetics
Anton Giuroiu / September 23, 2014

Storage ideas, storage solutions and storage organization. These are probably the biggest problems in interior design today.DIY storage solutions and ideas are everywhere today yet they all require dexterity, tools and most importantly time be materialized. The biggest change must come from furniture designers, architects and interior designers today. They are the first in theRead more

29 Cutting Boards Design For Every Taste And Every Kitchen

Codreanu Andreea / October 10, 2016

Kitchen utensils have come a long way, becoming more and more advanced, particularized and technological by the second. We tend to surround ourselves with all sorts of gadgets but the ancient, classic utensils will always have a prior place in your kitchens. Today we are talking about cutting boards designs, all special, wonderful in materialityRead more

Create Smart Storage Solutions For Your Home

Codreanu Andreea / September 17, 2016

Finding proper storage space for all the items one tends to gather around the house can prove to be very difficult and time consuming, leading to unwanted clutter and dust.On the other hand, creativity is definitely stimulated when it comes to finding smart easy solutions for small, uncommon spaces. You can put your personal touchRead more

30 Simply Brilliant Storage Options For Your Home

Anton Giuroiu / May 29, 2016

Storage is a sensible issue in contemporaneity, one that any home owner has to tackle at a given time. Proper storage can be translated in free time and stress-free living, two things we could all use thus the constant preoccupation for proper storage. Creative and practical ideas can be found online, hundreds of thousands, all presentedRead more